El Sitio

Because of Celestino Rivera's political activity, his family is persecuted. In a place known as El Sitio, they will be victims of acts of violence. First, Celestino's father is murdered, and then, on the night of June 5th, 1980, Celestino and Tomasa receive the news of the killing of their mothers.

On the way to 'El Sitio' massacre site
“It was an empty house like this one here. They cut off my mom’s ears. They cut her nose off, and they peeled her skin off her face. On top of that, they pierced her through with a stake that almost came out of her back.”
Celestino Rivera
Son and son-in-law of the women killed in "El Sitio"
Celestino Rivera visiting the site where his mother and mother-in-law were murdered.

Excerpts from the documentary:

“I think they did these horrible wrongs to terrify people, so they didn’t get organized anymore”
Tomasa López
Daughter and daughter-in-law of the women killed in "El Sitio"
Santuario de los Mártires en Arcatao, donde reposan los restos de la madre y la suegra de Celestino Rivera y Tomasa López.
The remains were exhumed in 2014, and given a Christian burial in 2015.